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Group Formed For CITM’s Project 1 subject, featuring SNK’s Last Resort Videogame

Last Resort is an arcade shoot’em up released in 1992 by SNK. It was also released for Sega’s NeoGeo and for PS2, PSP and Wii. In a distant future mankind has developed the technology needed for space colonization. Then, a computer virus infects the main computer running human’s first space station, disrupting its automated defenses, and convincing other humans to side alongside it. The computer strikes the Earth so often that Earth’s only hope is put into some spaceships with advanced weaponry.

The player is in charge of one of this spaceships and also (when achieved in-game) an indestructible drone that is a shield and a weapon at the same time. Making good use of it is key in order to succeed.

Gameplay Video

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Aitor Simona as Manager Github account

David Tello as Artist Github account

Joan Marín as Coder Github account

Oriol Sabaté as QA Github account

Final Release : Release